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Simantik Trade SIA mājaslapā  tiek izmantotas sīkdatnes, lai nodrošinātu mājaslapas darbību, personalizētu saturu un analizētu datu plūsmu. Noklikšķiniet zemāk, lai piekristu sīkdatņu izmantošanai tīmeklī. Ja vēlaties iepazīties ar sīkdatņu politiku vai atsaukt savu piekrišanu visām vai dažām no sīkdatnēm, lūdzu, skatiet sīkdatņu politiku.

About Us

Organic food and eco products online store -

Organic food – helps to improve your well-being and health.

Everyone should take care of their own well-being, health, diet and good looks. In our daily rush we often forget about ourselves and how well the human body is actually made to feel. As we realize that it is time for change, we begin to pay more attention to nutrition and daily habits. Organic food, eco-products, and products from local organic farmers are playing an increasingly important role in everyone's well-being formula.

Organic food - taking care of yourself and your health!

By choosing to cook meals at home, you can make sure of the quality of each ingredient. By choosing organic products from the bio and eco stores, you are taking a conscious step towards your well-being, good looks and health. offers a wide assortment of organic and ecological products for healthy nutritionists, vegans, vegetarians, new mothers, babies and everyone who is into healthy lifestyle. The assortment is constantly extended with new organic (bio) products.

At you can find:

• Organic fruits and vegetables;

• Organic coffee, tea, fruit and vegetable juices, carbonated drinks and tea drinks;

• Organic grains, rice and legumes;

• Organic pasta, noodles, tortellini, flour, flour mixes;

• Organic breakfast cereals, muesli, porridge and mixtures;

• Organic alternatives for dairy (milk, cheese, etc.), meat and soy products;

• Organic sweets and chocolate;

• Organic galettes, crackers, snacks, savory snacks;

• Organic dried fruits and nuts;

• Organic spices, sweeteners, broths, superfoods;

• Organic oils, pastes, sauces, vinegar;

• Organic preserved products;

• Organic baby food;

• Eco hygiene products;

• Eco household chemicals and goods;

Save time and get everything you need for a healthy lifestyle in one place!